17 Hilariously Hidden Packages That Prove Delivery Guys Really Are Creative

Delivery guys get a lot of criticism, and most of it is valid.

I’m sure plenty of us have heard about mail carriers deliberately damaging fragile packages and just throwing other people’s belongings at their doors. That’s why I have to give these people a break for the creative ways in which they hid the packages they were delivering. Their methods may be a little flawed, but hey, at least they tried.

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You won’t have to look very hard to find these parcels in their hilarious hiding spots.

1. Nobody will ever see that.

2. What package?

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3. Whatever works, I guess.

4. At least it got inside.

5. They did follow the directions…

6. That’s one way to keep people away from it.

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7. “Nobody will ever think to look up.”

8. Nope, no package here.

9. Now, if only they could get it out…

10. “SUCCESS. The day is ours.”

11. I feel like the note may blow its cover, but okay.

12. I love how it’s just sitting out in the open, too.

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13. This is actually an invisibility mat.

14. Two words: total genius.

15. I’m convinced that this was the work of a delivery ninja.

16. They definitely deserve a tip for getting this package inside the gate with some help from Rapunzel.

17. Yodel just keeps getting better.

(via DeMilked)

Sure, some of these are really annoying and ridiculous, but at least the carriers in question didn’t do this fine job.

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